Making A Perfect Organizational Chart In PowerPoint Program

It is very convenient to make great organizational charts using PowerPoint templates. How should we start making our first organizational chart for our PowerPoint presentation? The first thing you will need to do is to download any template pre-designed by PowerPoint program.

Customizing Organizational Charts In PowerPoint Program

The following procedure of customizing your organizational charts in PowerPoint is very simple and you will not face any difficulties to repeat it in your presentation:..

How Should You Install A Web-Based Video Player?

Your web-based content such as videos from Vimeo and YouTube can be embedded in your PowerPoint presentations for Mac. In order to do this you will have to install the add-in of Microsoft Office which is known as “Web Video Player”:..

Inserting Links To Web-Based Video Content

You should follow these steps in order to insert working links to web-based video content into your PowerPoint presentation created on Mac:..

Adding Video Content to PowerPoint Presentations for Mac Computers

If you have your PowerPoint presentation you can easily link or embed a video content directly from your personal computer. It is very convenient to use embedded videos. However, you should not forget that are stored inside your PowerPoint presentation and this will increase the size of your PowerPoint file. If you link your video content your presentation will have much smaller size. But the side effect is that these links can easily break every time when you move your PowerPoint file without moving the video content. In order to avoid issues with broken links you have to copy your video content in the folder where you keep your PowerPoint presentation.

Inserting And Linking To Popular YouTube Videos

Do you know that you can insert/link to popular videos on YouTube. Such videos can be played during PowerPoint presentations. You will play a desired video from YouTube directly. Also this video has all necessary controls of YouTube such as controls for pausing, playing, etc. However, you should not forget that this video is placed on YouTube website, but not in your PowerPoint presentation. That is why if you want your video play smoothly without any interactions you must have a constant internet connection.

Common “QuickTime” Error Messages

If you use PowerPoint 2010 (32-bit program version) you should know that it can play only .mov and .mp4 file formats in case your personal computer has an installed player called QuickTime. In this case there are few choices for you.