Modern Wireless Presentations – Discover Mirroring360

Nowadays, more and more professional presenters prefer to deliver wireless presentations. There are many applications for such needs. One of the best applications you can find is called Mirroring360. This is a very efficient application for mirroring wireless iPad/Android/Windows/Mac/iPhone screens.

Is It Possible To Mirror Tablet Or Smartpone To Present Presentations Wireless?

Are you a presenter who requires to travel a lot in order to deliver your presentations? In most cases, such presenters as you end up with so-called body pains. You know how it is difficult to curry your heavy laptop all around with you. Even if you do sports on a regular basis, the fact that you have to carry your laptop and all the equipment for delivering a presentation can lead you to having pain in shoulders and problems with your posture.

PowerPoint Media – Improving Compatibility With Old PPT Versions

Dos your PowerPoint presentation contain some media files (videos or sounds) from very old PowerPoint versions? In such a case, you will need to upgrade the format of your file n order to take maximum advantage of multimedia playback capabilities which have been improved in new PowerPoint versions. Once you upgrade your format version, all embedded media objects will be updated automatically.

PowerPoint Presentations – Tips For Embedding Or Linking Your Media Files

This article will give you some important considerations for embedding and linking all your media files you have inserted into your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint – Improve Your Playback And Compatibility With Hardware

It is recommended to install additional memory. Also you can insert some powerful card for graphics on your personal computer.

PowerPoint Tips – Improve Your Video And Audio Playback

This tutorial is all about compatibility in PowerPoint. We are going to learn how to improve your video and audio playback. Sometimes, the playback is too slow, or there is a leg between video and audio, or your audio gets stuttering, or your frames get lost. We will give you some efficient tips which will definitely help to get your video/audio playback improved. Also, there are some tips for compatibility of various media files you you inserted into PowerPoint presentation.

SharePoint Sites – Customizing The Best Combinations of Colors

Would you like to use a different SharePoint theme for your site? You can easily do this selecting any other combination of colors which are available in SharePoint collection. Make sure that you select only colors which are accessible to different kind of people, even to those who have problems with eye vision. In order to make your SharePoint site accessible, you will need to test our color combinations presented in your theme. You should not worry as all the tools for testing are highly-efficient and easy to use.