MS Office Picture Manager – The Best For Editing And Sharing Graphical Content

MS Office Picture Manager is very efficient for managing, viewing, editing, and sharing pictures from the place they are stored on your personal computer. Using the feature “Locate Pictures” you can find any kind of pictures with an impressive search engine. Once you have found the desired picture, it can be corrected by Picture Manager. We encourage you to use this wonderful tool for expanding, cropping, copy and pasting pictures.

MS Office Programs – How Can One Remove The Background Of Pictures

It does not matter what MS Office program you use right now, it can be Outlook, Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, it is very easy to get the background of a picture removed. This is a very useful skill for highlighting certain points in the graphics you present to the audience. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of any kind of destructing elements from your pictures.Note that it is not possible to remove the background for vector graphic files, such as Windows Metafile Format, Vector Drawing File, Adobe Illustrator Graphics, and Scalable Vector Graphics.

PowerPoint 2007-2010-2013-2016 – Where Are Numbering And Bullets

People who still use old versions of PowerPoint, such as PPT 2003, will find Bullets and Numbering in the toolbar under the tab “Menus”. There are buttons both for bullets and numbering.Figure 1:Bullets and Numbering buttons in PowerPoint 2010 ToolbarIn order to find the commands for bullets and numbering, you will need to refer to the old-style “Format Menu”. Follow these instructions:Press the tab “Menus”.

MS PowerPoint 2007-2010-2013-2016 – Finding AutoCorrect Option

If you use old versions of PowerPoint you will have to follow the instructions below in order to get “AutoCorrect” Options in the menu “Tools”.Press the tab “Menus”.Click the drop-down menu “Tools”.Have a look at the bottom side of this drop-down list and you will see the button “AutoCorrect Options” there. This item has to be clicked in order to get to the dialog box “AutoCorrect”.

MS PowerPoint – Where is “AutoFit” Feature

This is a useful article for people who just start working with Microsoft PowerPoint program. This information is applicable to PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016. If you use a classic PowerPoint menu, you will need to press the tab “Menus” which is located between the tabs “File” and “Home” in the Ribbon. The only thing you have to do is:Start with pressing a dropping down menu “Tools”.

PowerPoint – General Information About Outline View

Once you start working on your PowerPoint presentation, it is very important to choose the right view. Working in Outline View, PowerPoint slides are displayed in a special outline form. Such an outline displays the main text content and the titles of each and every PowerPoint slide you have created inside your PowerPoint presentation. Note that you will not see the graphics. There will be just a notation that some graphics exist in this PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint – Slide or Normal View

PowerPoint is the best program for delivering your ideas to your target audience. Using PowerPoint slides is very convenient for presenting any kind of graphical data. This is the best support for you as the speaker to have visual content while giving your presentation. It is true, the majority of PowerPoint users work mainly in Normal View which is also known as Slide View. Do not forget that there are many other views available inside PowerPoint program, such as Outline View which will be described in this article as well.