How can I modify theme colors in PowerPoint 2013

Let us say that you like the style of PowerPoint theme. However the color scheme does not match fully. In PowerPoint you can easily modify a selected theme. We encourage you to experiment mixing fonts, colors and other effects in order to make your presentation unique and eye-catching. If your ppt presentation does not look perfect, your theme can be customized. Make sure that you have basic knowledge of applying PowerPoint themes and using them.

Smart resume reading feature in PowerPoint 2013

If you use PowerPoint 2013 you will love a smart resume reading feature. You will find the same feature in Word 2013. It allows you picking up where PowerPoint presentation has been left off. The following feature first appeared in PowerPoint 2010 release but in the later ppt version it became much smarter. Obviously you have already noticed it. The aim of this post is to show you all advantages.

What effective features does PowerPoint have?

Do you still have one monitor? Start taking advantages of the improved Presentation View of PowerPoint 2013.
In fact earlier PowerPoint releases have Presentation View but users have no idea about it and how it should be used. Users who have only one monitor do not have access to Presentation View. You are not able even to rehearse your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint 2013 release gets polished

PowerPoint is a great tool when it comes to creating professional presentations for business or educational purposes. PowerPoint 2013 release has the same features and options as older ones. The only difference is that the developers made them much easier to discover. As you may notice, PowerPoint task pane suggests you to tweak the deck. You don’t have to search for them by yourself anymore. You get new choices of Themes and Variants. Shape Merge tool is now available too.

How can SmartArt organization be modified?

In this post we’re going to introduce users of PowerPoint 2013 eye-catching SmartArt graphics and how they can be modified in your presentation.
We want to remind you that SmartArt graphic is a unique way of presenting your ppt slide content. Use them for illustrating organizational charts and corporate processes. PowerPoint 2013 has wonderful design features and you must know them all.

Customizing SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint 2013

It is not a big deal to insert SmartArt into your PPT presentation. Once you’ve inserted it, you might need to customize of change the appearance of such graphics. There are several things which can be modified. In this post we are going to discover them all. Every time when you select SmartArt graphics, special tabs “Design” and “Format” will appear on the right of the Ribbon. Here SmartArt graphics’ layout and style can be easily edited.

Inserting SmartArt graphics

SmartArt graphic is a great way of presenting information to people. If you use only textual content, your presentation will lack life. PowerPoint 2013 allows you to select any style and present your own idea in a most appealing and eye-catching way.