How can I insert tables into PowerPoint presentation?

PowerPoint 2013 has one great tool – tables, special cells arranged in columns and rows. We encourage you to use tables for such tasks as presenting numerical data. Tables can be easily customized. They will perfectly fit a presentation.

Formatting PowerPoint slide background

If you use PowerPoint 2013 and need to format your slides' background, you have to click right on the PPT slide and choose the option “Format Background”. If you cannot see it, it means that you’ve clicked on a picture or a text box. Click on an empty area of PPT slide. The panel “Format Background” will be seen on the right side.

Learn how to use Presenter View

PowerPoint 2013 has many wonderful options and Presenter View is one of them. It allows a speaker to see all notes on the computer’s monitor while the audience will see only ppt slides. Older versions of PowerPoint program faced some difficulties with figuring out who can see the notes on the monitor. PowerPoint 2013 has improved Presenter View option. The developers fixed all problems and made it much simpler to use.

How can we add borders in PowerPoint 2013?

There are two ways of adding borders to ppt slides: inserting a shape similar to a rectangle and inserting images which already have borders. Let’s see both ways in details. Then you will decide for yourself which one is more appealing to you.

Aspect ratio in PowerPoint 2013

Aspect ratio of PPT slide is the width’s ratio of the screen to the height. Let us imagine you have a PowerPoint slide with the width 4 centimeter and the height 3 centimeter. Accordingly the aspect ratio of a PPT slide is 4:3. Nowadays most world-known TV-shows, movies and videos are displayed in HD formats and widescreen. The same formats can be seen in PowerPoint where the default size of PowerPoint slides is widescreen 16:9. If the default size of ppt slides does not want your presentation, it can be changed it any time.

Compressing Photos and Images in PowerPoint 2013

In this tutorial you will find information on reducing the size of images/photos in PowerPoint presentations. If your document or presentation contains images or photos, the file size can be dramatically increased. You are able to control the size of your ppt presentation file choosing a proper image resolution or simply compressing your photos. It is recommended to match image resolution for balancing tradeoff. If you are going to send the file with your PowerPoint presentation via email, you've got to use images/photos with lower resolution. However if the photo quality is your priority and the size of your file is not important then you should specify never to compress images.

Bulleted and Numbered Lists in PowerPoint 2013

When you create a presentation keep in mind that you do it for people your students, colleagues, business partners or clients. Make it understandable and pleasant to watch. Your future audience will appreciate if you format a massive text in a convenient numbered or bulleted list.
When you type your content into its placeholder, a number/bullet will be placed just at the beginning of the paragraph by default. There is nothing as simple as making bulleted lists in PowerPoint 2013. Default lists can be easily modified. PowerPoint program offers us various bullet numbered styles.