How To Use PowerPoint Program For Creating GIFs

Nowadays, GIFs are even more popular than common words. They pop up in text messages, e-mails and even online courses. Many people include GIFs in their presentations in order to make them more alive and add interesting visual effects. This is also a great way to engage your target audience because most GIFs are funny and people love good humor. In order to create your own GIF you do not have to be a technology guru.

Discover Stunning Apps For Presentation Design

Nowadays, there are so man great technologies which are available for designing presentations. The majority of people are used to such programs as Photoshop, PowerPoint, or overused stock images. However, you will be impressed to discover many other simple applications which will help you to create a clean presentation design. Below, you will find the list of available applications:OverThis is one of the most popular apps when it comes to dealing with overlaying text on images.

The Easiest Way To Compress Images Inside PowerPoint Presentations

Just imagine a very common situation: you have been working hard creating a stunning PowerPoint presentation. The design satisfied you completely, all added content is valuable, and visual content is striking. You can feel very proud of yourself and now, it is the time to share your PowerPoint presentation with other people. Suddenly, you receive an error message telling you that your ppt presentation file is to big.

What Are The Benefits Of Open XML Format

Starting with the system MS Office 2007, you will use XML format for your files, such as .pptx, .docx, and .xlsx. This format is perfectly applied to MS PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. In the following article we are gong to reveal all the major benefits of XML file format.Names of file extensionsOpen XML format – the main benefitsYour file is very compact. Such files get compressed automatically. In certain cases, their size will be around seventy five percent smaller.

General Information About XML File Extension

When you work in Microsoft Office, all your PowerPoint presentations, documents, and worksheets get saved in XML file format by default. Usually, there a letter “x” or “m” which are added to your familiar file extension. The letter “x” indicates that your XML file contains no macros, and the opposite is indicated with the letter “m”. Let’s say, you have saved your file in MS Word, you can see the name of this file is .

Can One Share The Same Files Between Different Microsoft Office Versions

Microsoft Office lets its users save different kinds of files in Open XML Formats. This file format is suitable for different versions of Microsoft Office because it includes all necessary file converters and compatibility checkers. All this makes it very easy to share your files between any version of Microsoft Office program.How should you open already existing files in Microsoft Office?Let’s say your file has been created in an old Microsoft Office version.

PowerPoint For Mac – How To Record Movements Of Laser Pointer

PowerPoint allows its users to record the movements of a laser pointer in order to get a web-based/self-running slide show enhanced. If you want to learn this skill, you should repeat the following steps:Go to the tab “Slide Show” which you will find in the group “Set Up” and point to the arrow which you can see next to “Record Slide Show”.You can press “Start Recording from Beginning” or “Start Recording from Current Slide”.