Can One Share The Same Files Between Different Microsoft Office Versions

Microsoft Office lets its users save different kinds of files in Open XML Formats. This file format is suitable for different versions of Microsoft Office because it includes all necessary file converters and compatibility checkers. All this makes it very easy to share your files between any version of Microsoft Office program.

How should you open already existing files in Microsoft Office?

Let’s say your file has been created in an old Microsoft Office version. Now, you are able to open this file and work on it in any Office version. The only thing you will have to do is to save it in the existing format of your current file. This is important to do as some of your co-workers may still use old versions of Microsoft Office. In fact, the program has the compatibility checker which is responsible for verifying all features which are not supported in old versions of MS Office. Once, your file has been saved, the checker will report you regarding these unsupported features and you will just have to remove those features before saving the file.

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