YouTube Videos In PowerPoint Presentations

In this blog post we are going to learn how to link or insert desired YouTube videos into your PowerPoint presentations. Using PowerPoint program it is very easy to insert/link to YouTube videos. You are able to lay such video content while giving your PowerPoint presentation to your audience. Note that such video content will be played directly from YouTube website. There will be special controls for video playing and pausing by YouTube.

PowerPoint For Mac – Adjusting Movie Colors

If you are not happy with the color of the movie which has been inserted to your PowerPoint presentation, you can easily recolor them simply by applying one of the available built-in stylized color effects. For example, grayscale and sepia are very popular.Do not forget that recoloring your inserted movie may affect the quality and seed of it. If you want to have a smooth play, you should always preview your video in the view “Slide Show”.

PowerPoint For Mac – How To Apply Effects And Borders To Videos On Slides

In this blog post you will discover the easiest way of applying interesting effects or borders to a video content on PowerPoint slides. This will make your video stand out on PowerPoint slide. It is highly recommended to apply interesting styles to your movie and selecting eye-catching effects and styles.You should note when effects have been applied to your movie, this change may affect the speed and quality of your movie.

PowerPoint For Mac – Modify The Preview Image Of Your Video

If your PowerPoint slide contains a video content, you can offer your potential audience a nice preview image of your video on PowerPoint slide simply by adding a poster frame.Here is what you should do in order to add a poster frame:Open your PowerPoint slide which contains a video file an which you want to modify and press the tab “Format Movie”.Now, you will have to do the following:In order to select a frame from your video and use it as your preview image, you will need to play the video on your PowerPoint slide and press “Pause” at the frame which you like and want to use as your preview image.

PowerPoint For Mac – Solve A Common Issue With Video Content

Sometimes, the video which you have inserted to your PowerPoint slide plays very slowly or it may get chopped even. In this article you will find a very efficient solution to this common issue. Red ready to boost the performance of your presentation with video content.Usually, you get problems with your inserted videos when you apply various special effects or formatting. Simply by removing this formatting/special effects from your inserted object you will solve the problem and your video content will be playing smoothly.

PowerPoint For Mac – Problems With Playing Video Content

If your PowerPoint presentation contain video content and it does not lay smoothly, in this article you will find some working solutions on improving your video performance in your PowerPoint presentation.The most common reason why you have problems with your video content is because your video has been resized on your PowerPoint slide. The Only solution to this particular case is to delete your inserted video and then add it once again.

PowerPoint For Mac – How Can You Embed Video Content Directly From SlideShare

Using PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, it is possible to embed any kind of video content on PowerPoint slide directly from SlideShare. SlideShare is a great wen site where people share PowerPoint presentations, documents, and infographics.This kind of content can be easily embedded and it has already a button “Share” on it. Thanks to this button you can open a window and copy a code for a certain video file.