PowerPoint For Mac – Searching For YouTube content By Name

Start with pressing PowerPoint slide where your video content has to be added.Find the tab “Insert”, then press “Video” and “Online Video”.The button on the ribbon for inserting an online video in PowerPointIn the box “Search YouTube”, you have to type a video’s name which has to be inserted and press “Enter”.You can see all search results, where you can pick up a needed video and press “Insert”.

PowerPoint For Mac – Insert Video Stored On PC

Let’s have a look how to insert your video content into PowerPoint presentation which has been stored on your Mac computer.Follow these instructions:Refer to the view “Normal” and choose a needed PowerPoint slide where you plan to insert your video content.Find the tab “Insert”, then press “Video” and then “Movie from file”.Now, you can see a dialog box called “Choose a movie” where you can choose a video file which has to be inserted on your PowerPoint slide.

Previewing Videos Linked To YouTube

Once you can see a rectangle which represents your linked video on PowerPoint slide, you will need to right-click it and press “Preview”.This will activate a button called “Play” which will appear on your inserted video.Just press the button of the video “Play”.Do not forget that the video is placed on the web site and not inside your PowerPoint presentation. Always check for the internet connection in order to have a smooth video run.

PowerPoint Designer – Choosing The Best Ideas For Your Charts and Pictures

Once you start working with PowerPoint and you have constant internet connection, PowerPoint Designer will suggest you various interesting options for adding charts and pictures to PowerPoint presentations.Below, you will see the main principle how PowerPoint Designer works:Start with choosing any PowerPoint slide where you would like to add a chart or picture.In order to add a single or several graphical elements to your PowerPoint slide, you will need to use “Insert” > “Pictures”/”Insert” > “Charts”.

PowerPoint Design Ideas For Timeline Sequential Action-Oriented Text Content

PowerPoint Designer is a smart service which is able to notice whether you write s bulleted list, a list of statements, or a timeline on your PowerPoint slide. In all these cases, PowerPoint Designer will offer you to turn your list into a nice-looking SmartArt graphic element.This is how it happens:Start with typing the list of major items.You will see the pane “Design Ideas” gets opened and demonstrating you interesting graphical depictions.

PowerPoint Designer – Problems With Viewing Design Ideas

Some users of PowerPoint Designer complain that they do not see any design ideas, especially for PowerPoint slides which contain pictures. When common Design Ideas are not available for your PowerPoint slides, this issue can be caused b the following things:You do not have a constant connection to the internet. PowerPoint Designer search for available design ideas online.You do not use the theme which comes together with PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Designer – Issues With Viewing Design Ideas For Your Process-Based Slides

Usually, working with PowerPoint Designer is very enjoyable and very rare users have problems. However, some issues may occur. One is common problems users face is that they do not see design ideas for PowerPoint slides which are process-based. What can you do in such a case?You should check whether your PowerPoint slide has an applied slide layout “Title + Content”.It is not recommended to use any kind of additional shapes/objects/photos on the same PowerPoint slide as the process text.