Using Zoom Feature in PowerPoint 2013

We all know the meaning of a zoom. How can it be used in PowerPoint 2013? Most users of PowerPoint consider “Slide Zoom” to be very useful feature and aspect of Presenter View. Zoom is very practical when you have a detailed diagram/chart and would like to stress on it. Zoom is perfect for directing the attention of your target audience to particular part of PPT slide. Zoom allows you to eliminate all the noise and point a desired element. If you know how to use Zoom feature, there will be no necessity to make secondary PPT slides – just highlight a necessary element from your presentation. At the same time zoom makes your slides much more appealing comparing to highlighted text.

How can I add screenshots in PowerPoint 2013?

PowerPoint is a great application which can take various types of content (multimedia, text, charts, pictures etc.) and arrange them together within one PPT slide. As PowerPoint is used in educational/training programs, the program allows adding screenshots and other interfaces. In fact you can easily capture such screenshots in any outside program and insert a desired screenshot within your PPT presentation just like a regular image. If you use PowerPoint 2013 you even do not have to leave the program you work in. For your convenience the option “Screenshot” works similarly in Word, Excel and Outlook.

Microsoft Lync – starting online PowerPoint presentation

It is very convenient to schedule important business meetings in advance. When you use Lync you can even start a business meeting on the spot. All you need for this is the microphone which is connected to your PC/laptop/other mobile device to be able to speak with all your colleagues or clients.

Running Macros Created in Old PowerPoint Versions

Many user after purchasing the latest version of PowerPoint (2013) ask a question how they can run macros which were created in older PowerPoint versions. That is why we devoted this short article to this issue.

What audio/video formats does PowerPoint support?

Using PowerPoint 2013, various audio/video formats can be inserted. If you want to get a good video quality, it is recommended to use .mp4 file format (MPEG-4 AVC). For the best audio playback experience use AAC.

How I can open Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 presentation on mac?

Friend has sent me a PowerPoint presentation and I don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint on mac. So what I have options to open this file. First option it mac keynote, second Google docs and third ask a friend to export to PDF file if the slide transitions aren't important (and other animations). Well, let's look closer at least two options.

When things go wrong in PowerPoint 2013

Most probably you saved the file with your ppt presentation in a wring folder or the name of your file differs from the one you have intended. On the menu “File” have a look at the list which included all the ppt presentation you have been working on recently. In case the file has not been found in the mentioned list, try to check in the dialog box “Open” – “Computer”. Recent Folders are presented there. Click one of them and a larger list will be displayed.