Live Preview Feature in PowerPoint 2013

The process of editing PPT slides is very simple. You should select a desired object and change basic attributes. Then you can check the result of all your changes. In case you aren’t satisfied with them, you can undo them. Once you've accepted the changes you can start working with another object. Live Preview of PowerPoint 2013 allows you to see all the changes and preview how they will look before you accept them. This feature was introduced in PowerPoint 2007. In all new versions of the program the function is available as well. Additionally the following option Live Preview has been included for Chart Styles.
Live Preview is considered an interactive option. That is why it is not the part of PPT interface. The option “Live Preview” will get activated within the following options: Quick Styles, Themes, Fonts and similar ones.

QAT in PowerPoint

You have already installed the application. Now let's customize your toolbar and the menu. It'll allow you getting access to all features which you use regularly just in few mouse clicks. It is possible to customize keyboards shortcuts as well. This information will be helpful either for power or regular users as it will make all tasks much easier.

Managing Account in PowerPoint 2013

Once you purchased either Office 2013 or PowerPoint 2013, you should sign in to your own Microsoft Account. Only after signing in you will get access to all basic customizations, settings and files outside the cloud. You can manage the Account inside Office 2013 programs (for example Excel, Word or PowerPoint). The window “Account Management” allows singing in and connecting to OneDrive.

Advanced Option Eyedropper

In our Blog there is a tutorial devoted to basic features of the tool “Eyedropper”. Now we are going to explore the way of copying colors from outside PowerPoint 2013 program. Such colors from outside can be used as the fill/outline color of the text.

Exploring Eyedropper Option

PowerPoint allows its users select any color they want. However sometimes you may face some difficulties choosing the same color as your picture on ppt slide. Matching shape or text colors on ppt slides with pictures, logos or other objects will make the look of slides more cohesive. PowerPoint 2013 has a new option called “Eyedropper”. It allows you to pick exact colors from any part of the slide or even outside from PowerPoint. Once you have picked up a matching color from a desired source, a preview will be available.

Create Glowing Effects to Shapes

In this tutorial you are going to learn glowing effects which will add hazed color perimeters. There are various glow colors such as the colors of themes. You can select any of them. Your choice should depend on the final look of your PPT slide content.

Modifying Widescreen Defaults

Once you open the program and have a look at the Presentation Gallery, you can see that all samples of PPT slides are presented in widescreen aspect (the proportions are 16:9). Most users still remember older versions of PowerPoint with their typical ppt slides where the proportions of widescreen aspects were 4:3. Therefore PowerPoint 2013 is in complete contrast with them.
Nowadays most people live in the world of widescreen displays/projectors. So new widescreen proportions is a real blessing to us! However, as you know the tastes differ and some users may not feel blessed as you do. This was the decision of Microsoft as they follow all modern tendencies and the widescreen is one of them.