Using Mouse-Hover in PowerPoint 2013

All users of PowerPoint 2013 can use a mouse-hover as a very effective way to start any external application directly from your PowerPoint presentation. This function is very useful for developers who want to present their new program in PPT slide show first. Once you have outlined and explained how all the things work, it is desirable to make a short demonstration.

Custom Animation Trigger in PowerPoint 2013

If you use PowerPoint 2013, object animation can be activated simply using the click sequence. This option is set up by default. However it can be edited. It is possible to let animation in PPT presentation trigger once you click particular objects on your ppt slide.

What is better to use – Laser Pointer or Mouse?

Let’s say you have prepared a PowerPoint presentation for your business project. Now you have to decide which pointing device you should use for emphasizing important aspects of your subject. Experienced PowerPoint users recommend to use Mouse as your pointing device instead Laser Point. As practice of shows Mouse is more helpful for this purpose. Even if you get used a handheld Laser Point, you should try much better alternative – your Mouse. If you sits at your computer/laptop for controlling which ppt slide you show, you can use your mouse in order to highlight and emphasize important aspects of your subject. Keep in mind that the pointer can be easily altered in various colors. Such a pointer appearing on ppt slides will be seen much better. This tip is very helpful if you present PowerPoint slide Show with a bright background.

How a new custom PowerPoint theme should be saved?

Once all settings have been applied to the PowerPoint theme, it should be saved. Such a saved customized ppt theme can be used once again when you create new PPT presentations. If you are 100% sure, that you will never use PPT theme again, don't save it.

What additional theme effects are available in PowerPoint 2013?

Users of PowerPoint 2013 can easily apply new additional theme effects.

Applying new fonts to PowerPoint theme

PowerPoint 2013 allows users to apply a set of new fonts even without changing the overall look of the theme. There are built-in ppt theme fonts. They are designed in such a way to work together perfectly. It is recommended to use them in order to unify your own PPT presentation.

How can I modify theme colors in PowerPoint 2013

Let us say that you like the style of PowerPoint theme. However the color scheme does not match fully. In PowerPoint you can easily modify a selected theme. We encourage you to experiment mixing fonts, colors and other effects in order to make your presentation unique and eye-catching. If your ppt presentation does not look perfect, your theme can be customized. Make sure that you have basic knowledge of applying PowerPoint themes and using them.