Improved comments function in PowerPoint 2013

Users who have old PowerPoint versions always face some difficulties adding comments to ppt slides of presentations. Luckily the developers have improved PowerPoint 2013.
This tutorial is devoted to comments in PowerPoint. They play a vital role for a successful presentation. A person who has created the presentation is the “Lead”. He can appeal numerous feedbacks from clients, colleagues or other contributors. The smartest way to give such feedbacks is just to write comments. Sometimes a presentation is created by a team of people. In this way comments play a role of the collaboration.

How can I lighten images in my PowerPoint presentation?

Any PowerPoint presentation will look boring and plane without pictures. We usually select carefully now only informative content but also matching images. They help dray an audience’s attention. However after inserting the picture into PowerPoint slides, they look quite dark. What can you do in this situation? Fortunately if you use PowerPoint 2013, this version offers rudimentary controls. If you know how to use them you will easily lighten any image. This tutorial is not about Photoshop features. We are going to discover PowerPoint adjustments to the brightness level of images.

How can I finalize and protect my PowerPoint presentation?

In this tutorial we want to introduce PowerPoint users the best way to finalize and protect a presentation in PowerPoint 2013. Before you share your presentation with the audience, you have to make sure that you have not included by chance any private data which should be kept in secret. Sometimes it is necessary to discourage others from making any changes to your files and the content of your presentation. If you are a lucky holder of PowerPoint 2013, you can use various useful tools and finalize and protect your own PowerPoint presentation.

Picture Formatting Features in PowerPoint 2013

Every time when we create our PowerPoint presentation we want to insert various pictures. If you have PowerPoint 2013 there are lots of useful characteristics which can be applied to photos. If basic changes such the location and picture’s size are not enough for you, then you should right click on your picture and open up the window “Format Picture”

Have you checked the spelling in your PowerPoint presentation?

The process of creating PowerPoint presentations requires time, skills and efforts. It is very important to plan the structure of ppt presentation, design it with matching animation, video and graphics. However there is one thing which you should do – check the spelling of your text content. Avoid poor spelling if you want to make positive impression on your audience. Even good and informative presentations can be easily spoilt by grammatical mistakes. This step should never be neglected. As practice shows grammatical and spelling mistakes distract your audience from the information which you put into your PowerPoint presentation. So do your best and eliminate any mistake. We are lucky to have PowerPoint which is a perfect tool. If you know how to use it, a proofreading task will be performed on a professional level. PowerPoint program offers various options to check the spelling of your presentation’s content. You can use an automatic spellchecker while making your presentation. All mistakes will be marked with red, green and blue wavy lines. Such spelling check can be postponed until the presentation is completed.

Can Unsaved Files in PowerPoint 2010 Be Recovered?

Let’s imagine a very common situation. You are working very hard on your PowerPoint presentation. Your creativity is flowing and you do your best putting together epic PowerPoint points. During the day we have lots of other tasks and therefore we work with different files simultaneously. There are plenty of files on the desktop which may look a bit messy. Suddenly your brain may cramp up due to any reason and you close unsaved PowerPoint presentation. Such situation is very common and may happen to anyone.

The importance of contrast in PowerPoint presentation

People who are making a PowerPoint presentation should know the basic principles of design. In the following article we are going to overlook the main principle of the contrast. This information can be very helpful and will save you from ruining the overall effectiveness of your PowerPoint slides. As most resources about PowerPoint consider contrast issues unnecessary to be mentioned, we are going to review this topic and pay attention to some vital points.