Working with Image Layers in PowerPoint

While working with graphical objects in Microsoft PowerPoint you can achieve several showy effects. For example you can place the images behind or above the text on your slide, as well as behind or above one another. In this tutorial you are going to see how to control the order of the graphical objects you have inserted into your PowerPoint slide.

Inserting pictures into Microsoft PowerPoint

In this tutorial we are going to make out how to insert different types of pictures into a Microsoft PowerPoint worksheet. Pictures may be of various formats, but only BMP, JPEG, GIF, EMF and PNG formats of pictures are suitable for inserting into a PowerPoint presentation. Here are the main features of these formats and differences between them.

Working with the themes and theme colors in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you are trying to make your PowerPoint presentations a little bit showier and more unique you can use various color themes and also create your own themes. The PowerPoint color themes consist of nice various matching colors, so that your own PowerPoint presentation will look as if it was created by a professional web designer. They also include different types and effects. The use of a particular theme allows changing colors in all ppt slides of your presentation at once. Every time when you change a color theme it is applied to all the objects - text boxes, vector images, charts, graphics, backgrounds, markers and so on. Modifying the style of your PowerPoint presentation first of all it is necessary to set a PowerPoint template and only then you should choose a particular theme from the list of themes available for this ppt template.

Five arguments in favour of presentation visualization

Can we manage to make a successful appearance without visualization? Definitely not. But if you want to share more information with the audience for the same period of time, you should apply as many information channels as possible. Of course professional presenter uses his own image for communication with the audience - applies mimics, gestures, movements. All these aspects help him to manage both sound and visual information channels - the latter is considered to be a principal one.

Free PowerPoint Templates - Different Design Options

One of the most effective ways to hit home the message that you may be trying to convey, be it for work, school, or political reasons, is to utilize the power of graphics within your presentation. Many people are visual learners that will not be able to grasp the full presentation with words alone, which is why PowerPoint has become such an industry standard in boardrooms across the globe. Even if you have never had any instruction in PowerPoint, you can still present a professional looking product with the use of free PowerPoint templates that are available online.

PPT Diagrams and Clip Arts - Finding the Best Graphics to Download

The reason why PowerPoint is one of the most utilized programs in presentations of all varieties is that it lends such a visual air to your information. Studies have shown that for those people who are visual learners, it can be almost impossible to follow a lecture or presentation without some sort of graphic to accompany it. Using PPT diagrams and clip arts in your next presentation could drastically increase the effectiveness of your message and make sure that everyone in the room gets what you are saying.

PowerPoint Diagrams & Charts - Ready to Impress

No matter what kind of business you are in, at some point you will probably have to make a Power Point presentation that could possibly have a large impact on the success of your company. Whether you are a small, home based business looking for that first bit of outside funding to help you grow, or you work for a large corporation that is looking to merge with one of its biggest competitors, you will need to have a presentation that looks professional and gets your message across loud and clear.