PowerPoint – How To Record Slide Show With Timing And Narration

Why do we need timings and narrations? They help us enhance a self-running or web-based slide show. Your PowerPoint presentation can be easily recorded if you have a microphone, a webcam, speakers and a sound card. Also, it is possible to capture various ink gestures, narrations, and PowerPoint slide timing.Once, the recording is complete, you can play your PowerPoint presentation for your target audience in Slide Show mode.

PowerPoint For Mac – Turn The Mouse Into The Laser Point

This short tutorial will be useful for people who create their PowerPoint presentations using Mac computers. You will learn how to turn your mouse into the laser point. While delivering your PowerPoint presentation, switching to the laser point will help you to attract the attention of your target audience to the major point on your PowerPoint slide.Follow these instructions:Go to the tab “Slide Show” and press “Play from Start”/”Play from Current Slide”.

Is It Possible To Change Color Of Laser Point While Working In PowerPoint

This short tutorial will teach you a nice skill how to modify the color of your laser point while delivering PowerPoint presentations. If you are familiar with PowerPoint program you know that the default color of a laser point is red. Do you know that blue and green colors are available as well? Changing the color of a laser point will make your entire look of your PowerPoint presentation more unique and eye-appealing.

How To Save Your Presentation In PowerPoint Show Format

Ever time when you tend to open your presentation file in PowerPoint Show format, this file appears in Slide Show in its full-screen format. This format is the best when you do not want to edit your PowerPoint presentation, you or your target audience will open your file and will start watching immediately.Follow these steps to open your presentation in PowerPoint Show format:Refer to the menu “File” and choose the option “Save”.

PowerPoint 2016 How To Insert Screen Recordings Into Presentations

In this tutorial you will learn how to insert screen recordings into your presentation working with PowerPoint 2016. This PowerPoint version has a lot of new features and the possibility to insert screen recordings is one of the most notable ones. Now, your screen recording can be created and added to your PowerPoint slides directly. If you have to deal with recordings on a regular basis, this is a lifesaving feature for you.

How To Filter PowerPoint Slides For Different Viewers

powerpoint custom slideThere are many different kinds of audience and you must understand how to find the approach to any kind of people and deliver your message correctly. Usually, presenters make few versions of the same PowerPoint presentation in order to target different audiences. If you are in the same situation, the feature “Custom Show” is what you need right now.PowerPoint program offers its users the feature “Custom Show” for creating different variations of PowerPoint presentations.

The Way To Launch Programs Directly From PowerPoint

During Certain PowerPoint presentations it is required to demonstrate software on the screen. It is very convenient to launch software from your PowerPoint slides. Below, you will find all necessary instructions on how to do this:Start with launching your PowerPoint program and open ppt file which you are going to edit. You will need the view “Backstage”.In order to open software directly from your PowerPoint, you should press on the object in order to trigger a launch.