Microsoft PowerPoint – Slide Sorter And Notes Views

This article is devoted to such PowerPoint Views as Slide Sorter and Notes. You will understand which one you need and what the difference is between them.PowerPoint Slide Sorter ViewWhen you work in Slide Sorter View it demonstrates you a small version of all your PowerPoint slides in horizontal rows. This small version of PowerPoint slides is also known as thumbnails. It is very convenient to use Slide Sorter View for rearranging and deleting certain PowerPoint slides in your presentation by pressing and dragging slides to a new position in the row.

MS Poweroint 2007-2010-2013-2016 – About Microsoft PowerPoint

Many users wonder where they can find the section “About Microsoft PowerPoint”. In this article you will discovrer some familiar ways of getting additional information about Microsoft PowerPoint inside the program.Here is what you will have to do:Start with pressing the tab “Menus”.Press the drop-down menu “Help”.Now, you can see the item called “About Microsoft PowerPoint”. Pressing this item you will be forwarded to the dialog box “About Microsoft PowerPoint”.

Is It Possible To Add Video Content To PowerPoint Presentations For Mac Users

It is very as to get video content linked or embedded from your personal computer into PowerPoint presentations for Mac users. Note that embedded videos are very convenient because they are stored inside your PowerPoint presentation, but they increase the size of it. If you want to keep the size of your ppt file as small as possible, you should consider linked videos. The only negative side of linked video content is that such links may suddenly break once your file gets moved without moving the video at the same time.

Record A Computer Screen In PowerPoint Program

It is very easy to record the screen of your computer, as well s any kind of related audio and later embed this content to PowerPoint presentations. Also, it is possible to save your screen recording and audio recording as separate files. In this article you will discover how to do this.There are few things you should check before you start screen/audio recording:In order to have a high-quality recording and to be able to listen to your audio which is associated with a screen recording, you will require a good microphone, speakers, and sound card.

Saving Screen Recordings As Separate Documents From PowerPoint

Many PowerPoint users wonder whether it is possible to save their screen recordings as separate files from PowerPoint. If you use PowerPoint 2013, the first thing you have to do before saving screen recordings as separate files is to install the following updates: You will require an installed version 15.0.4641.1001 or any later version.You will also require the following versions: KB2883051 and KB2883052.

PowerPoint For Mac – Resizing And Changing A Visual Appearance Of Video

If your PowerPoint slide contains a movie, you can modify its size or its visual appearance. You can do these changes both with liked moves or with embedded ones inside your PowerPoint presentation.Resizing your movieIf you are not happy with the original resolution of your movie inside PowerPoint slide, it is possible to change its size on PowerPoint slide simply by dragging a sizing handles. This will help you to increase/decrease the size of your inserted movie.

Office For Mac – Inserting Movies, Audio, Photos Into Documents

In order to search for movies sounds, and photos on your personal computer, you will have to use a media browser in your Office Mac version. Once you have found a desired item, you will be ale to insert it inside your Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, or Word document. You should know that media browser is able to display you interesting movies, audio and photos which are placed in such libraries as Photo Booth, iTunes, and iPhoto.