Discover Stunning Apps For Presentation Design

Nowadays, there are so man great technologies which are available for designing presentations. The majority of people are used to such programs as Photoshop, PowerPoint, or overused stock images. However, you will be impressed to discover many other simple applications which will help you to create a clean presentation design.

Below, you will find the list of available applications:
  • Over

    This is one of the most popular apps when it comes to dealing with overlaying text on images. It has many interesting built-in templates, a big font library, and even the integration with numerous websites with stock images. This app is very easy to use and it creates a perfectly clean look. In order to use this tool you will have to pay monthly or get a year subscription plan. This money is worth to get a professional and unique presentation.

  • Procreate

    This app is for very ambitious people who are searching for free drawing designs. You can use it with Apple pencil, as well as iPod pro. This app gives its users the main utilities of Photoshop. Its format is user-friendly. It offers 150 brushes, layering your presentation design, 50 settings for available brushes – all what you may need for great design. Just with a minimum fee you will have a stunning design experience.

  • Adobe InDesign

    This app is for experienced users. In fact, this is the easiest app among the rest of all Adobe Suit. This is a great app in graphic design. It comes with all necessary tools and its usability is impressive as well. If you want to create more in depth slides for your presentation, you should definitely try this app. Besides, you will be able to drop these slides into Keynote or PowerPoint presentations, which is very practical. This is the most expensive app among in this list, but it gives great results.

If you want to have an eye-catching presentation, you have to work hard not only on your content, but an engaging and clean design. These applications will be your starting point to become a professional designer and presenter.

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