How To Use Microsoft Office Online On Your Tablet

Nowadays, people prefer to use touch-screen devices such as Windows tablets or iPads. It is very convenient to use touch screen for viewing and editing Office documents directly in your web browser. You will just need to go to the link of your document which is stored in OneDrive, SharePoint website, or in a private library in MS Office 365. Office documents will be opened directly in your browser.

If you Windows RT computers, you will need to use the button “Touch Mode” in order to switch between mouse/keyboard and touch modes.

Touch Mode button

Once you are in the touch mode, you can use the following familiar gestures such as pinching, swiping, tapping, and stretching.

There are many other gestures which are described in the list below:
  • Scrolling

    You can swipe for scrolling through right/left and up/down through your Online Word document. You can advance through PowerPoint slides of your presentation. In order to make the scrolling faster you just need to flick and once you arrive at the desired spot, you have to tap and your scrolling will be interrupted.

    Swipe across the screen

  • Zooming in/out

    In order to zoom for a bigger view, you just have to stretch two fingers.

    Stretch fingers apart

    In order to zoom out, you have to pinch fingers together.

    Pinch fingers together

  • Editing

    Office Online has a special view for editing. You have to tap for placing the point of intersection and start typing your text content.

    Tap gesture

    In order to place the point of intersection more precisely within a certain word, you just have to tap again. You can choose a certain text block and drag the handles. Alternatively, you can tap, hold and press “Select”.

    Selecting text in touch mode in Office Online

    Simple by using your keyboard and mouse, you can right-click any item in your document in order to get the commands which are applicable to this item. Working in touch screen mode, you will need to tap and hold in order to see the list of available commands. In order to see which commands can be applied to a text section, you will need to drag the handles in order to select a certain text part, then tap, hold and select any command you need.

    Context menu in OneNote Online on touch device

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