MS Office Picture Manager – The Best For Editing And Sharing Graphical Content

MS Office Picture Manager is very efficient for managing, viewing, editing, and sharing pictures from the place they are stored on your personal computer. Using the feature “Locate Pictures” you can find any kind of pictures with an impressive search engine. Once you have found the desired picture, it can be corrected by Picture Manager. We encourage you to use this wonderful tool for expanding, cropping, copy and pasting pictures. The easiest way to share your pictures is simply y using Picture manager. Using this service it is very convenient to send images in private emails or make a separate image library on the intranet.

Note that Picture Manager does not work on late PowerPoint versions (PowerPoint 2013 or later ones). If you use Windows 10, you should install Photo app which is available in Microsoft Store for free.

How can you use Picture Manager?

You can install Picture Manager using Microsoft Office Suit and use it on individual images.

In order to start Picture Manager from the menu “Start” you should do the following:
  • Refer to the menu “Start” and choose “All Programs”.

  • Press on the folder “Microsoft Office”.

  • Open the folder called “Microsoft Office Tools”.

  • Finally, press “Microsoft Office Picture Manager”.

In order to start Picture Manager from the image on your personal computer you should do the following:
  • Your picture should be located on your personal computer.

  • You have to right-click the picture.

  • If you use MS Office 2007, press “Open With” and then “Microsoft Office Picture Manager”.

  • If you use MS Office 2010, press “Microsoft Office” and your picture will be opened in Picture Manager.

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