Working With PowerPoint Sections

In this tutorial you will learn how to add and remove sections inside your PowerPoint presentation. You know how to use folder on your personal computer in order to organize your files and in the same way you should use sections in PowerPoint presentation. This is the way to organize PPT slides and divide them into groups.

PowerPoint – Summary Zoom

What is Summary Zoom? This is a landing page which demonstrates different pieces of your PowerPoint presentation. All these pieces are shown all at once. When you are delivering your PowerPoint presentation, it is desirable to use the feature Zoom to jump from one piece of your presentation to any other one in any desirable order. This is the way to get revisit/skip ahead/creative pieces of ppt slides without interrupting the entire flow of PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint – Use Zoom To Make Your Slides Alive

Why do PowerPoint users refer to the option Zoom? It help to make your PowerPoint presentation much more exciting and dynamic.

SharePoint – Disable Anonymous Guest Links

It is very easy to check whether your document is shared with someone via guest links. You just need to check the menu “Properties” for this particular document. This guest links can be disables any time you want.

PowerPoint – Wrap Your Text Content Around Shapes

Would you like to make your text content look interesting? It is possible to curve or bend your text content around various shapes. You will need to use PowerPoint WordArt with such text effect as “Transform”. You can even circle your text, but this will require a bit of work to do. PowerPoint users are able to insert WordArt several times in order to wrap your text content around interesting shapes with straight edges.

PowerPoint - Reversing Text Content in Flipped Objects

Every time, when you are going to rotate your graphical object in PowerPoint presentation, the text content within this graphical object will rotate automatically with them. If you do the same with flipped object the situation will be a bit different. When you reverse the text content along with your graphical objects, they will not be flipped automatically. In order to reverse the text content along with the graphical object which contains it, you will have to do the following:

PowerPoint Objects – Rotate To Any Desired Angle

If you want to rotate a graphical object in your PowerPoint presentation to any desired angle, you should follow these instructions: