PowerPoint – Slide or Normal View

PowerPoint is the best program for delivering your ideas to your target audience. Using PowerPoint slides is very convenient for presenting any kind of graphical data. This is the best support for you as the speaker to have visual content while giving your presentation. It is true, the majority of PowerPoint users work mainly in Normal View which is also known as Slide View. Do not forget that there are many other views available inside PowerPoint program, such as Outline View which will be described in this article as well. Every view is unique and helps you present PowerPoint slides as better as possible.

PowerPoint Normal View (Slide View)

Normal View can be also called Slide View. This is what you usually see once you just start your PowerPoint program. This is a widely used view by the majority of average PC users. This large version is the best if you are working on designing your current PowerPoint presentation. Together with Normal View you should not forget about other options, such as Slide Sorter/Notes/Outline View. As a rule, when you use Normal View, you can find thumbnails on the left side of the screen. The place for entering images and your text content is quite large and easy to maintain. If you look at the bottom side of the screen, you will find the place for typing your speaker’s notes. You can change the view any moment and in order to come back to th view Normal, you will have to press the menu “View” and choose “Normal”.

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