The Easiest Way To Compress Images Inside PowerPoint Presentations

Just imagine a very common situation: you have been working hard creating a stunning PowerPoint presentation. The design satisfied you completely, all added content is valuable, and visual content is striking. You can feel very proud of yourself and now, it is the time to share your PowerPoint presentation with other people. Suddenly, you receive an error message telling you that your ppt presentation file is to big.

What is your reaction and plan of further actions? Some inexperienced users start panicking and start the whole process over. Also, you can change the size of your PowerPoint presentation, but if you lack experience this process may seem too overwhelming. In fact, this is one of the easiest tasks you can do while working in PowerPoint program. It is important to understand that images and other visual content takes up the biggest amount of space. Therefore, the only thing you should do is to compress images and the size of your PowerPoint file will be reduced automatically.

There are few steps which you should follow:
  • Start with selecting a certain image which has to be compressed. This can be done by holding the key “Shift” and then pressing on the image.

  • Find the tab “Format” and press the option “Compress Pictures”.

  • Depending on your particular needs, you should choose the most suitable quality for your images.

  • Choose how you want to compress your images either “Selected Pictures Only” or “All Pictures In This file”.

  • Now, you can check the size of your PowerPoint presentation and send it to other people.

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