The Major Rules For PowerPoint Presentations You Can’t Ignore

A professionally created PowerPoint presentation can easily move and inspire people. In this article you will find the major rules for PowerPoint presentations which will be the key to creating a unique presentation. It is highly recommended to follow this guideline and nail even the hardest and boring PowerPoint presentation. You should not take these rules as limitation to your own style and creativity. They will make every PowerPoint presentation shine so brightly!

  • Sticking to 5-5-5

    Your audience will find PowerPoint slides with huge text blocks very tiring and even exhausting. Such presentations make people to tune out. The idea of 5-5-5 rule is to have not more than 5 words per a single line of text, to have not more than 5 text lines per a single ppt slide, and never show people more than 5 ppt slides which a text-heavy in a single row.

  • Contrasting colors

    Every slide in your PowerPoint presentation has to be perfectly readable. The best way to achieve good results is to use high contrasting colors between your ppt slide background and your text content. Stick to using a white font on a black slide background, or a blue font on a yellow slide background. These contrasting colors will make it so easy to read the text content during your presentation.

  • Following 10-20-30

    Modern people have very short spans of attention. This is causes by smartphones, which people carry all the time. You can’t force people to pay their attention for a very long tie, instead you should refer to the rule 10-20-30. The key is to present 10 ppt slides during 20 minutes together with a 30 point font on all PowerPoint slides. This rule will deal with a short span of people’s attention easily.

  • Sticking to simple design

    You should avoid using detailed and busy slide patterns, because they look very confusing for people. Your audience will appreciate if you use a flat design, matching solid colors for better focus on the topic of your presentation.

  • Adhering to rule 1-6-6

    Do not abuse with bullet points. If you can’t avoid using them, your slide should have a single major idea, 6 bullet points and 6 words per a single point. This rule will make your content concise and sharp enough to stay focused on the main message.

  • Avoid too fancy text fonts

    Choose simple fonts for your PowerPoint slides. Avoid inserting too stylized fonts and better stop on a standard font. Such fonts are pleasant for reading and they fit professional presentations perfectly.

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