What Are The Benefits Of Open XML Format

Starting with the system MS Office 2007, you will use XML format for your files, such as .pptx, .docx, and .xlsx. This format is perfectly applied to MS PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. In the following article we are gong to reveal all the major benefits of XML file format.

Names of file extensions

Open XML format – the main benefits
  • Your file is very compact. Such files get compressed automatically. In certain cases, their size will be around seventy five percent smaller. There is a great zip compression technology for storing your Microsoft Office documents. This will save the space on your disk, as well as the bandwidth for sending Office documents via networks or email. When you open XML-based file, it gets unzipped automatically, and on the contrary, when you save your MS Office files, they get zipped by default. In order either to open or close your files you will not have to install any additional zip program.

  • Your damaged files can be recovered. As you may know, all Office files get structures in a certain modular manner which contains various components separately inside your file. Even when one of such data components is damaged/corrupted, you can still open your file.

  • Full control over data and improved privacy. Sometimes, we have to share confidential documents which contain personal data, business-related data, such as comments, file paths, author names, or tracked changes. You can easily identify them and remove with the help of Document Inspector.

  • Improved integration of business data. Using this XML format your business data can be integrated easily. Saving your documents in this format they become available for other people who you give access. Office files can be enhanced with XML Sachems. Your customers will be ale to unlock the data in already existing system and work in common Office programs. The only thing you will need to do is to open and edit your MS Office file using ZIP utility/XML editor.

  • You can detect files with macros. When you see that Office file has been saved with the file extension name with the letter “x”, this means that they do not have XML macros or VBA (Visual Basic Applications). And files which end with “m” usually contain macros.

Saving file as type

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